Vision & Mission

Due to population lifestyle changes, i.e., obesity, diabetes and an ageing population, chronic wounds (CW) which fail to follow the typical healing process are a major medical and socioeconomic challenge. Current wound management is clearly insufficient and advanced therapies have failed to keep their promise of reliable skin regeneration. The vision of FORCE REPAIR is to improve chronic wound treatment, reduce healthcare costs, and improve patients’ overall quality of life, FORCE REPAIR will also contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals. The project will establish a more sustainable production of bio-inks and nano capsules. The process will be adjusted to parameters that ensure the lowest energy consumption. In addition, developing a new digital solution to minimise material waste and energy consumption with the customised 3D printer and the associated software will contribute to EU leadership in producing materials that provide solutions for a clean, pollutant-free environment.

The FORCE REPAIR team sets out to advance chronic wound management by developing a smart, multifunctional, and cost-effective 3D-printed wound dressing to help control bacterial infection and inflammation. The novel biomaterials-based therapy will relieve skin tension and stimulate healing by combining innovative biocompatible technologies with pro-regenerative active ingredients. The innovative FORCE REPAIR scaffold will stimulate healing, facilitate wound care management, and thus help reduce associated healthcare costs. By providing a prolonged regenerative effect over at least 15 days, the new wound dressing will significantly decrease the daily frequency of nurse attention to change the dressing and lead to a healed wound with a low probability of opening again.