Impact & Innovation

Industrialized nations allocate 2-4% of their healthcare budget towards treating chronic wounds. In developed countries, it is expected that 1-2% of the population will suffer from a chronic wound during their lifetime. Wound healing is a complex process influenced by several interconnected factors, particularly in cases of underlying conditions that cause chronic wounds. These wounds are multifaceted, with bacterial infection from biofilm-forming strains, uncontrolled inflammation hindering skin self-regeneration, and WE (wound exudate) formation that blocks oxygenation and impedes wound closure. Current treatments involving frequent debridement and basic wound dressings administered by a nurse are insufficient. FORCE REPAIR aims to develop multifunctional biomaterials to address and overcome these multiple challenges, responding to unmet clinical needs by improving biocompatibility, bio specificity, longevity, bioactivity, and biodegradability while considering physiological and biomechanical constraints and implications.